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SEO (search engine optimization) is a set of works aimed at developing a site in order to improve its positions in search results for certain user requests. The task of SEO is to ensure that search engines believe that the site and its specific pages give the user a useful, unique and comprehensive answer to his question, solve his problem. The better the site is from the point of view of search engines, the higher it will be shown for relevant search queries, which means that more people who are interested in a particular product, service or information will see it.

This will lead to an increase in site traffic and other indicators related to conversion and engagement, since a large part of the search engine audience is satisfied with the results offered on the first page of the issue.


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The time until the first results from the promotion in the search appear will depend on several factors.

First, competition in the subject matter is important. If its level is low and in the issuance of websites of companies well-known in the market that are little worked out in terms of SEO, positive dynamics will be noticeable in the first 1-2 months of promotion.

If a large number of sites are actively fighting for an audience in search engines, the result will appear in a period of several months to a year, since it will be necessary to make more changes to the site and give search engines time to build trust in the site due, for example, to good behavioral characteristics of visitors .




Secondly, the state of the site at the time of the start of the promotion is important. If the site requires preparatory improvements, the time for their implementation may delay the moment when promotion work begins and, accordingly, the first results.

Thirdly, the speed of work execution is important. The more hours allocated to the project every month, the faster the performer manages to make the necessary changes to the site, which means that search engines respond to them faster and the site’s positions grow.

As a rule, an Internet agency that has experience in promoting sites in search can preliminarily estimate how long the project will be able to achieve the first results.


At the moment, there is no method that would allow predicting the results of promotion in the search with sufficient accuracy. This is due to the fact that the result is influenced not only by the work within the site, but also by external factors:

  • The activity of competitors that are moving up in the search.
  • Changes in search engine algorithms.
  • Fluctuations in search demand.


You can contact us for the seo services: SEO audit of existing sites, development and implementation of a comprehensive SEO / SERM brand strategy, formation of the semantic core of search queries, internal work to improve the content, structure and behavioral factors of the site, external work to improve project visibility by leading search engines (Google, Yandex, etc.).

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